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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
It is a widely accepted fact that if a major disaster should befall an area, normal response by emergency workers such as police, fire, and medical may be delayed for as much as three days, depending on the severity of the disaster. Part of the reason for this delay is because surrounding areas may also be affected and personnel that would normally respond may be either directly affected or their families may be affected. CERT was designed for individuals and groups to undergo special training in order to fill this potential void and to be able to help themselves and their neighbors should the need arise. Additionally, because of the training, these individuals or groups would also be ready to assist the local Office of Emergency Management by providing trained people to assist in the local community's response.

The CERT program involves training in Disaster Preparedness, Fire Safety/Suppression, Disaster Medical Operations (triage assessment, treatment, and hygiene), Light Search and Rescue, Team Organization, Disaster Psychology, Terrorism, Debris Removal and Victim Extrication, Traffic/Crowd Control, and Communications.

CERT, in many ways, reflects back to the time of Civil Defense. Many of the concepts of CERT have a direct relationship to those times. We at Maine Township want to insure that our community is capable of helping themselves in almost any situation for a period of time until professional help can arrive.

Community Emergency Response Team Training We are constantly forming CERT teams in Maine Township. These teams will be comprised of groups or individuals that have a common interest in helping the community. Training under the CERT program takes about 20 hours of instruction and practice. This is a large commitment for individuals to make but a minor one when you consider the alternatives. We want the residents of our community to be ready to help themselves, the local fire and police departments, or the EMA.

After the training is completed, the EMA will keep you involved periodically by offering you participation in some of their activities so that both your skills and interest will be maintained. Should you desire any additional information regarding this program you can visit the Citizen Corps website or call the Emergency Management office at 847-297-5911.

Regional Medical Reserve Corps (RMRC)
The Office of Emergency Management through its Citizen Corps Council has spearheaded the formation of a Regional Medical Reserve Corps. Most government officials agree that in times of major disasters or a pandemic outbreak, normal professionals of the health department or fire departments may be overwhelmed and not be able to supply the needed personnel to help the general public. The RMRC was formed for this reason and is a program in which volunteers from the healthcare industry can become involved in assisting the community during times of disaster or public health emergencies.

The RMRC is seeking either active or retired doctors, nurses, therapists, clinicians, dentists, dental technicians, pharmacists, mental health professionals, EMTs, first aiders, veterinarians, etc., who would be willing to assist the communities of unincorporated Maine Township, Niles, Morton Grove, Des Plaines and Park Ridge should the need Regional Medical Reserve Corps Event arise. Each volunteer will attend an orientation session and training from the Cook County Department of Public health. Additional training will be part of some levels and available as an option to others. Training would be in topics such as disaster psychology, CERT, incident command, and the national response plan.

Participants in the RMRC may assist in mass shelters, health education, and public information displays. RMRC volunteer teams will also be formed to respond to disasters or emergencies outside the regional area in the event of a county, state, or national disaster.

You can download an application or download a brochure for the Regional Medical Reserve Corps. For more information, please contact our Emergency Management office or the RMRC at 847-297-5911 or
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