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Dagmar Rutzen
Director, Emergency Management
Office of Emergency Management

Emergency situations can occur anywhere and at anytime. Maine Township's Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is prepared to respond to a wide range of calamities by assuring the continuity of Maine Township Government and by serving as a support and coordination post for emergency aid personnel.

The North Maine Fire District, Cook County Police, Maine Township Highway Department, Red Cross and Salvation Army are just a few of the emergency response entities that Maine Township OEM will coordinate with in case of a disaster.

Moreover, the Maine Township OEM has a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) in place that addresses the Township's response to a variety of disaster scenarios. The Township OEM assigns responsibilities to each Township department as well as to private and government agencies that might respond. While the OEM's primary area of concern is the unincorporated area, it has cooperative agreements in place with several surrounding municipalities and can provide assistance for any area in Illinois.

In the event of a community emergency or disaster, OEM will provide shelter and evacuation information, damage assessment, and recovery information. In the event of a Presidential Emergency or Disaster Proclamation, Maine Township OEM will serve as the local contact for the state and federal governments as well as federal grants and loans to individuals, local businesses, and governments.

The Maine OEM is staffed by two part-time employees as well as twenty-five dedicated volunteers. They are trained in communications, traffic and crowd control, damage assessment, emergency operations, and weather spotting.

OEM Facilities
The Maine Township OEM is located at 1387 Redeker Road in Des Plaines and is equipped to coordinate a response to any emergency confronting Maine Township. These emergencies may include but are not limited to fire, flood, tornado, severe thunderstorms, snowstorms, hazardous material spills, and terrorist attacks. Learn more...

Flood Plain Information
Maine Township OEM is the local depository for flood plain and flood insurance information. If you need to know whether your property is in a flood plain, contact us at 847-297-5911 and we will tell you.

OEM Education Outreach
We provide speakers to community organizations and homeowner's associations. OEM speakers provide an overview of OEM responsibilities, as well as instruction on making your own emergency survival kit. If your group or club would like to learn more about the OEM, please contact us at 847-297-5911 to schedule a speaker.

OEM Volunteers
OEM volunteers have worked at local events at the Golf-Maine Park District, the Park Ridge and North Maine Fire Departments, School District 63, Maryville Academy, and other charitable agencies. If you are interested in becoming an OEM volunteer please contact us or fill out a volunteer application. No prior experience is required. Emergency Management training is provided for free. We need volunteers in administration, response, communications, ground search, rescue, translation, and severe storm spotting.

Maine Township Citizen Corps Council
The Citizen Corps Council, under the guidance of FOEM and the Department of Homeland Security, is maintained by the OEM. The Citizen Corps Council helps identify individuals and groups willing to undergo specialized training in order to be prepared to assist themselves, their neighbors, and the township during a major disaster. Available groups include the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and the Regional Medical Reserve Corps (RMRC). Learn more...

This service, created by Nixle, LLC, delivers trustworthy and important neighborhood-level public safety and community event notifications via the Web, email, and cell phone text messages. Through the Nixle program, the Township can alert residents to pending disasters such as flooding. When the OEM has details on its response, where sand bags or supplies will be located at or what to do for recovery following a flood or other disaster, this information can be delivered without charge to any email address, cell phone or via Web access. Residents can go to www.nixle.com and sign up for the free service.
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