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Carol A. Teschky
Carol A. Teschky
Supervisor's Statement

Welcome to Maine Township and our web site. I am confident that you will find it easy to navigate. After all, we are the recipients of the "Mighty Message Award" presented by the Township Officials of Illinois.

We continue to have the paper recycling bin in our parking lot. It is open 24/7 as a drop off for your newspapers, paperback books, and junk mail. All proceeds received from this bin are used to supplement our emergency food pantry.

Inside our lobby area we have a plastic bin to collect your used ink cartridges, laptop computers and digital cameras, etc. Avenues Recycling, who employs physically and mentally challenged individuals, sponsors this bin.

We also have a separate bin from the Cook County Sheriff to collect used cell phones. These will be re-configured to give to senior citizens for use in an emergency.

I urge you to take advantage of these recycling venues. We are helping to keep the landfills free of these articles and at the same time helping others less fortunate.

Supervisor's 2017 Annual Financial Report
Maine Township