Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
What are the Township hours of business?
How do I get to the Township Building?
Are you hiring?
What volunteer opportunities are there?
I am a new resident. What do I need to do?
Where do I get garbage or Cook County stickers?
How can I get a permit from the Highway Department?

What if I did not receive a Homeowners or Homestead (Senior) Exemption to which I was entitled?
Is there any charge for appealing my assessment?
If I appeal my assessment and receive a reduction, when will it appear on my tax bill?
How often can I appeal my property tax assessment?
Where do I gather evidence for my assessment appeal?
Do I need an attorney to file an appeal??

General Assistance
What is General Assistance and how can I apply if I am in need?
How do I know if I qualify for General Assistance?
What are my responsibilities while I am a General Assistance recipient?
What if I am unhappy with the decisions made by Maine Township General Assistance?

MaineStay Youth & Family Services
Do you offer counseling services?
Isn't counseling really expensive? What if I can't afford to pay?
Does the Township offer any recreational activities and/or summer camps for children?

Does the Township sponsor any day trips, classes, or activities for senior citizens?

Maine Township